You will receive a confirmation message saying that the shell32.dll file is successfully registered. If you can’t open a program on your computer and receive a DLL error, you might need to register the DLL file to solve the problem. But, do you know how to register a DLL file on your Windows computer?

If you have the original CD or if you can reinstall the software that’s throwing the missing .dll file error, go ahead and try it. This should fix the problem in many cases, especially if it caused by a dll conflict with other running programs. Sometimes, you could’ve accidentally deleted a .dll file yourself.

  • Works on computers with Windows XP or greater OS.
  • In order to test whether your dll problem was solved or not, try running the software giving the error message again.
  • DLL files are an important part of Windows 10, and knowing where they’re located can help you troubleshoot problems.
  • When a DLL uses instructions from a different DLL, that first one is now dependent on the second one.

When a program uses a DLL, an issue that is called dependency may cause the program not to run. A DLL file is a library that contains a set of code and data for carrying out a particular activity in Windows. Apps can then call on those DLL files when they need that activity performed. Run the built-in System File Checker tool to replace missing or corrupted operating system files. Go to Control Panel , then to Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs panel.

Removing Malware DLL Files

DLL file is an executable file which is used as «Dynamic Link Library» or «Application Extension». Microsoft Windows applications can open DLL file and execute code from it. One DLL file could be shared between multiple Windows application. Also Microsoft Windows OS uses DLL files to store executable code for different windows components (graphical engine, networking, printing, etc.).

To find an app which can open it on desktop look for «DLL viewer» or «DLL file» online in your favorite search engine. Please note that it is common for DLL files to contain trojans and viruses. We strongly recommend having an up-to-date antivirus software running on your PC at all times. We collect information about file formats and can explain what DLL files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

Defragment the registry to save memory space and boot time. 4.A DLL file can be reused by other applications while an EXE cannot. 2.An EXE file can be run independently while a DLL is used by other applications. This is where you define all of your functions. Int Add simply adds two numbers and void Function just informs you that your DLL was called.

Alternative zip download for 64-bit for expert users who want to choose their own library location

DLL-Files Fixer is a clever bit of software designed to check all these files and repair them. This program uses an internet connection to find the missing files to match a massive catalogue of potential DLL files. You can search for the files you need easily. There are two ways to load a DLL; one way is the easy route and the other is more complicated. The easy route is just linking to your .lib file and putting the .dll file in your new projects path. So, create a new Empty Win32 Console project and add a source file.

I think thats what Tone Deft was trying to make clear – its on you. Live will go there, but only one «there» at a time. As we mentioned previously, if you are not sure if a DLL file is used by another program, we recommend leaving it alone.